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3rd Jan 2021



📈 Simple live Stat for Dayz Standalone server.

Inspired by the Excelent Omega manager.

The OmegaManager is a local application to run your DayZ servers. It automatically deploys, runs, watches, restarts and updates your server.

This page will sh...

12th Oct 2020

Chaos économique, blanchiment bancaire ?

Avec [Gaël Giraud] By


25th May 2020

23rd Apr 2020


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31st Mar 2020

Tags: #BASH , #Erreur32


What is Bash3lper ?

Bash3lperHelp Bash commands with somes monitoring tools.

4th Oct 2019


youtube Clone !

21st Sep 2019


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13th Sep 2019

Breaking Bad

Script générateur d'image avec pseudo personnalisable à la Typo Breaking Bad ;)

6th Nov 2018

Tags: #PHP , #ip

Nice IP Web Page Info - NIWPI

What is NIWPI?

Nice IP Web Page Info provide some infomartion about your ip.

8th Oct 2018

RSS services

Freshrss - Echo'System'

15th Apr 2018

Tags: #PHP , #htpasswd


What is Make-My-htpasswd ?

Make-My-htpasswd Manage user files for basic authentication (htaccess) with a HTML web page. This script manage your password creation with a nice web page (if you don't like the terminal way).

15th Apr 2018

Tags: #PHP


What it is ?

Contact-mail This is a simple php web page to contact you by mail.

8th Apr 2018


7th Apr 2018

Your IP info

web page to check Your IP using geolocalisation.
Script by Erreur32

22nd Mar 2018

Tags: #BASH , #python


What is cheat ?

cheat is a python script capable to create and view interactive cheatsheets on the command-line. It was designed to help remind *nix system administrators of options for commands that they use frequently, but not frequently enough to remember.

17th Mar 2018


Pastebin Echosystem

17th Mar 2018


Code and tips (short)

17th Mar 2018

Wiki Echosystem

Old but maybe uselfull

17th Mar 2018


Echosystem Blog

17th Mar 2018

Tools Webmaster

by Erreur32

17th Mar 2018

GIT echosystem

16th Mar 2018

Tags: #BASH , #stat

MODstat the custom MOTD

What is MOTDs32 ?

MOTDs32 est un fork  de l'excelent MODstat

16th Mar 2018