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Freshrss - Echo'System'

Official Update Services list.

Name Service RSS Changelog [ Release ]
β–Ά BorgBackup (RSS) Changelog 1.1.7
β–Ά FreshRSS (RSS) Changelog 1.11.2
β–Ά Shaarli (RSS) Changelog 0.10.2
β–Ά Grav (RSS) Changelog 1.6.0-beta.1
β–Ά ZenPhotos (RSS) Changelog 1.5
β–Ά Gogs (RSS) Changelog 0.11.66
β–Ά Pastebin (sticky-notes) (RSS) Changelog 1.9
β–Ά Blogotext (RSS) Changelog 3.7.6
β–Ά SnippetVamp (RSS) Changelog 1.8.4
β–Ά DokuWiki Changelog 2018-04-22a
β–Ά Organizr (RSS) Changelog 1.80
β–Ά phpservermon (RSS) Changelog v3.3.1
β–Ά Monitorix (RSS) Changelog 3.10.0
β–Ά Munin (RSS) Changelog debian/2.0.42-1